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Original run October 1, 2006 – Present
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This Week in Pendant is a weekly news show that highlights the weekly on-goings of Pendant Productions. It is hosted by Executive Producer, Jeffrey Bridges, and his wife and Co-owner, Susan Bridges.

Cast and CrewEdit

Written byEdit

The show is performed live and unscripted.

Regular CastEdit

Jeffrey Bridges - Co-Host
Susan Bridges - Co-Host
Jordan Gottlieb - Interviewer (Episode 12 - Present)
Jack Calk - Interviewer (Episodes 1 - 11)
Colin Kelly - Pendant Backstage Host


Each episode of TWIP! features an interview with a person involved with Pendant Productions. Interview discussions may cover a wide array of topics, but are typically centered on the interviewee's work with Pendant.

Interview QuestionsEdit

Listeners can submit questions for interviewees prior to their scheduled interviews. Any questions for interviews can be submitted via the {{ #NewWindowLink: | TWIP Mailbag}} submission form.

The Pendy AwardsEdit

The Pendy Awards are an annual awards show dedicated to recognizing excellence in work at Pendant Productions. An episode of TWIP! is dedicated to this event once a year.


After some restructuring within Pendant, the show concluded its initial run of 256 episodes on May 27, 2012. The show was rebooted for another run on June 10, 2012.

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