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The Tempest - Act I
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Air Date November 17, 2008
Written by

William Shakespeare

Directed by David Alexander McDonald
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A group of mariners attempt to keep their ship afloat during a storm that threatens to capsize them. Though the Boatswain tries his best to keep the ship afloat, the wind inevitably tears the ship in half, leaving the crew, Antonio, the brother of Prospero the magician, Alonso, King of Naples, his brother and son, Sebastian and Ferdinand, and Gonzalo, the king's counselor, stranded in the water.

Moments prior, on a tiny island not far from the ship, Prospero, a magician, and his daughter of fifteen years, Miranda, witness the ship's destruction. Though Miranda is disturbed by the sight, her father ensures her that the crew will be alright. Proppero then details to his daughter their origin and it's significance to the shipwreck.

Thirteen years prior, Prospero and his daughter were banished to the island by his brother, Antonio. Antonio, desiring Prospero's position as the Duke of Milan, conspired to have him killed. Those charged with killing him however did not carry out the act, vying instead to send him and his daughter away to sea in a small decayed boat. With a small amount of supplies given to them by Gonzalo, they were left adrift on the sea before eventually landing upon the island.

As his story returns to the present, Prospero recognizes that fate has brought those who conspired against him into his realm to play. Prospero acknowledges to Miranda that his magic was responsible for the shipwreck.

After relaying his story, Prospero magically puts his daughter to sleep and summons the spirit named Ariel. He discusses the shipwreck with Ariel, who remains one of Prospero's indentured servants; Ariel informs his master the crew are under a trance he placed upon them, a ploy used to lure King Alonso's son, Ferdinand, into a meeting with Miranda. Ariel complains about his service to Prospero, but the magician reminds him of how he was rescued by him from the now deceased witch Sycorax. Ariel accepts this fate, then flies off in an invisible form to bring Ferdinand closer to Miranda.

Prospero awakens his daughter before summons his slave, Caliban, the savage son of Sycorax, who he orders collect wood.

Soon after, Ferdinand wanders into the scene (with an invisible Ariel in pursuit). After eying Miranda, the two immediately fall in love, just as Prospero hoped that they would. However, Prospero decides to test the young man's love, and begins acting as if he distrusts him. Prospero then imprisons the man, much to the Miranda's dismay.


Kim Gianopoulos as Miranda

Perry Whittle as King Alonso

April Sadowski as Ariel

Bill Young as Ferdinand

David Alexander McDonald as Prospero and the ship master

Chris Pyle as Caliban

John Johnson as Boatswain

Tim Kelby as Gonzalo

Philip Weber as Sebastian

Michael Liebmann as Antonio

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