The Line
1x06 - Obscurum, Part 2
TheLine 1x06 cover
Artwork by Daniel Chon
Air Date September 20, 2010
Written by

Chris Brittain

Directed by Chris Brittain
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Preview TextEdit

“Stephanie scores a victory and loses family as she fights a demon.”


Joe Holt has a nightmare of the future, prompted by The Figure in Black. Sahi decides to use it to get Steph back with the group.

For once, it’s Lance telling Joe that he’s crazy for obsessing over a girl. Joe walks over to Steph as soon as he gets away from Lance. And he get’s pissed at her, because she’s blinding herself to what’s going on, and he drags her away. Lance comes back, notices that they’re both gone, and procedes to try out his new moves.

Joe plays a fake prophecy describing how Steph’s going to fail, and her grandfather’s going to die. Steph figures out that it’s a setup, and he goes prophet on her; turns out that the setup was actually true. Lance shows up and he’s confused. Steph goes to help Sahi and Kitty.

The girls prep for the battle. Kitty runs distraction, and meets nurse Nicole, Sahi and Steph split up and search the place. Steph runs into a Demon Child, they fight, and Sahi shows up to save the day, with magic exorcism power, and Steph kicks demon ass. Jean-Paul Lechu shows up, and Steph fills him in. Unfortunately, Sahi deduces that the Demon’s going to go out with a bang, so Sahi, Steph and Jean Paul run.

Kitty’s progressed from distraction, to outright flirting with the nurse, when Sahi, Steph and Jean Paul show up to cunt-stomp her. The Nurse leaves to check on the residents after the boom, and Jean Paul dies in Steph’s arms.

Steph tries to cope with what’s happened, and Sahi tries to help with that, and reveals the book of the Order of the Line. Apparently all the Religions have something they need to use to fight the forces of darkness.

Kitty calls out Sahi on Sahi’s treatment of Steph. Sahi justifies it as being necessary as it’s going to get worse.

The Demon and Bishop Francis continue to plan. They may have failed now, but they're not done yet.


Xander Mobus as Joe Holt

M. Siero Garcia as Sahi

Kathryn Pride as Kitty Shadow

Chris Hackney as Lance Gaengreevn

Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies

Bex as the Nurse Nicole

Maria Vu as the Demon Child

Richard Casto as Jean-Paul Lechu

Colin Kelly as the Demon

Michael Hudson as Bishop Francis

Crew Edit

Written and Directed by Chris Brittain, with edits and additions by M. Siero Garcia. Extra edits by Bex.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Stephanie Davies first battle
  • Sahi reveals the Book of the Order of the Line
  • Kitty meets Nicole