The Line
1x05 - Obscurum, Part 1
TheLine 1x05 cover
Artwork by Joe Ward
Air Date August 16, 2010
Written by

Chris Brittain

Directed by Chris Brittain
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Preview TextEdit

Steph and Dee party, Phil confronts Tom and Joe gets a vision of Hell's first strike!'


Dee LaThang convinces Stephanie Davies that the whole God thing was bullshit, and they get ready to party.

Sahi wakes Kitty Shadow up by putting her in the shower. Apparently Sahi and Steph aren’t getting along, so Sahi is giving her space. Joe shows up, and he’s been recording his prophecies. His latest one says something’s coming soon.

Father Jacob and Thomas Davies have another conversation. As Tom leaves, he runs into Phil Concannon, who Tom decries as a demon, as he’s only been in his dreams. Phil is naturally pissed off at the cries of Tom saying that he is a demon and a beast and etc, and leaves. Tom starts to have doubts.

Sahi deduces the prophecy’s meaning, there’s going to be a strike upon the elderly. They go to get Steph from her revelry. A very wasted Steph procedes to profess undying love for Joe, Kitty, and Steph.

A sobered-up Steph gets informed of what’s going on, and Sahi tries reason with her. Apparently the demons are attacking the elderly, and they need to go to an old-folks home. Steph realizes that the one place to go is where her grandfather, Dee shows up, and she’s pissed. Steph and Sahi try to calm her down, but Dee won’t be placated, and they leave.

The posse arrives at the Old Folks home, and Stephanie’s Grandad, Jean Paul Lechu, opens his window to them. They try to get information out of him, but Jean Paul has nothing for them. The Posse departs. Steph’s pissed because nothing happened, and she wants to be left alone.


Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies

Kristen Bays as Dee LaThang

M. Siero Garcia as Sahi

Kathryn Pride as Kitty Shadow

Xander Mobus as Joe Holt

Michael King as Father Jacob

Christopher Stadther as Thomas Davies

Tom Stitzer as Phil Concannon

Richard Casto as Jean-Pierre Lechu


Written and Directed by Chris Brittain, with edits and additions by M. Siero Garcia. Extra edits by Bex.

Notable EventsEdit

  • First major operation of David’s Shield
  • Joe starts using a Tape recorder to record his visions.

Joe’s ProphecyEdit

First strike. A warning.

It comes for those that have given much and have little left.

Tasting. Raping. Consuming. It comes. Desperate to sate it’s desire.

No defence except the indefensible.

No protection except the one who will not protect.

No release, no reprieve. No way. No. No. No.