The Line
1x02 - Fides, Part 2
TheLine 1x02 cover
Artwork by Joe Ward
Air Date May 17, 2010
Written by

Chris Brittain

Directed by Chris Brittain
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Preview TextEdit

Stephanie gets marching orders from the Angel Gabriel!'


Stephanie meets the angel Gabriel, as apparently she’s dead and in the Netherworld. Apparently, She’s not done yet. Gabriel leaves to do some things for God.

Lance tries to calm down Joe, as apparently the School Board is having Creationism being taught instead of Evolution. It doesn’t work, so Lance goes to the computer Lab to attempt to pick up chicks. Gabriel activate’s Joe’s gift of Prophecy and he has a vision.

Kitty Shadow climbs to the top of a bridge, crying defiance at heaven. Gabriel activate’s her inability to die.

Sahi is having sex with a sexy man, when Gabriel activates her. Naturally, this is kind of a mood killer.

Gabriel returns to Steph, and tries to figure out why Steph isn’t done. Oh, it’s because she’s supposed to be his warrior on earth. Apparently after the death of Jesus, there was a truce that until the end of the universe, living people wouldn’t be touched. And somebody cheated, so truce is over.

Gabriel sends Steph back to earth, without letting her see God. Steph wakes up in a hospital, where the family is gathered. Dad tries to confront her about the amphetamines in her bloodwork, and the porn in her room. Apparently 6 weeks (40 days) have gone by, and the family praises God, and promise to talk later.

Dee LaThang checks Steph out of the hospital (the family is doing something at church… on a Saturday afternoon) and Steph tells Dee about her Near-Death experience. Dee calls her crazy.

Dee drops Steph off at her house, and Steph walks in to find Kitty Shadow asking if she’s Stephanie Davies. Kitty apparently needs Steph to kill herself.


Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies

Katherine Brittain as the Archangel Gabriel

Chris Hackney as Lance Gaengeevn

Xander Mobus as Joe Holt

Kathryn Pride as Kitty Shadow

M. Siero Garcia as Sahi

Ashwath Ganesan as the Sexy Man

Christopher Stadther as Thomas Davies

Marleigh Norton as Cecile Davies

Pete Milan as Paul Davies

Kim Gianopolus as Dr. Amy Jones

Kristen Bays as Dee LaThang


Written and Directed by Chris Brittain, with edits and additions by M. Siero Garcia. Extra editing by Bex

Notable EventsEdit

  • Stephanie is commissioned to be God’s Warrior.
  • Lance admits that his attempts to hook up with hot chicks in the computer lab haven’t worked… yet.
  • Joe has his first vision.
  • Kitty Shadow survives her first suicide attempt

Joe's ProphecyEdit

"Seven pillars... the tallest of ebony.

A stadium, crowds of people... they’re... they’re killing each other.

The pillars... the people... one with a sword, one open to the voices, one within the

texts, one a mirror, one unending and two... two with wings.

The people, the pillars, the fight.

A great fight. The greatest... and the worst."