The Line
1x01 - Fides, Part 1
TheLine 1x01 cover
Artwork by Joe Ward
Air Date April 19, 2010
Written by

Chris Brittain

Directed by Chris Brittain
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Preview TextEdit

A collision advances as Dee and Stephanie party and The Demon confronts Bishop Francis!


Bishop Francis is interrupted by The Demon, who has some plan in motion, and needs Francis for it.

We meet Stephanie Davies who’s trying to be a cheerleader to pick up guys, and Dee LaThang, her rich best friend. They seem to be normal American Teenagers. They make plans to go to the Local club, the Horned Devil, mostly so Steph can try to land the Basketball star, Kevin.

The DJ opens up the night by inviting Satan into the Club. Steph manages to get the Bartender, Stan, to get her some Vodka. Dee and Steph hang out, and discuss all the guys and stuff they’ve done. Steph apparently ran into Kevin, who called her a slut, and proved himself to be a “scum-sucking asshole”. Their conversation is interrupted by a biker who Steph tells to meet in the bathroom. Steph and the Biker enjoy some fun, unfortunately, the Biker can’t hold his own.

Dee and Steph walk home, and Dee gives Steph some caffeine pills since the four hours they have before school isn’t enough time to sleep in.

Steph wakes up with a hangover, so she takes some of those pills. Her parents are apparently going to mass early for the Epiphany. We find out from Steph that her brother Tom is gay.

Tom and Steph walk to the bus stop, sibling bantering, and questioning their parent sudden religious fever, when they realize they’ve missed the bus. The pills kick in, and Steph takes off running to catch it, and gets hit by the bus.


Colin Kelly as The Demon

Michael Hudson as Bishop Francis

Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies

Kristen Bays as Dee LaThang

Chris Hackney as the DJ

J. T. As Barman Stan

Paul Lavelle as the Drunk Guy (Biker)

Marleigh Norton as Cecile Davies

Christopher Stadther as Thomas Davies


Written and Directed by Chris Brittain, with edits and additions by M. Siero Garcia. Extra editing by Bex

Notable EventsEdit

  • Naturally, the introduction of our protagonist, (Stephanie Davies) as well as her mother, (Cecile) brother, (Thomas) and best friend (Dee LaThang).
  • First encounter with The Demon. Kidnapping of Bishop Francis
  • This is probably the first usage of the word Cunt in a Radio Drama


(Chris Brittain utilizes Royalty free music, here are the credited songs used)

"We Envy, We Bless Thee" by Dr. Immilian Stankov

The Screamer by Gringle

Metalhunters by Gringle

Entertainment by Jule Andrew

Get back in line by Jule Andrew

Introduction by Logic State

Dance of Deception by Kevin McLeod