Tabula Rasa
Episode 1x01
TabulaRasa1x01 cover
Artwork by Damian Haywood
Air Date November 21, 2012
Written by

Jack Calk

Directed by Anna Rodriguez
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SERIES PREMIERE! A blind woman has a premonition of an assassination, but can't remember the details of her own life! How are the two connected? Find out as Pendant Productions unveils its newest ongoing series!


Coming soon!


Susan Bridges as Jayne

Lyn Cullen as Dr. Liza Finch

Chris Hackney as Detective Rafael Velazquez

Kristen Bays as Detective Lakisha Morris

Pete Milan as Sergeant Nathan Clarke

Jason R. Wallace as Ganymede

James Rossi as Keith Finch

Rick Wolff as Senator Richard Montague

Kathryn Pryde as Jesse Cesare

Mindy Rast-Keenan as Elanor Bulow

Maxwell Condell as Michael Morris

Jeffrey Condell as Adam Morris

Dave Morgan as Micawber

Corson Bremer as Christian Holdridge

Colin Kelly as George Pickett

Vincent Morrison as James Longstreet

Xander Mobus as Winfield Hancock

Kim Gianopoulos as the worker

David Ault as The Audiobook