Tabula Rasa
PwallTR 1280
Part of Pendant's Original Shows
Created by Jack Calk
Written by Jack Calk
Directed by Anna Rodriguez
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Jeffrey Bridges
Rating PG-13
Original run November 21, 2012 – Present
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Tabula Rasa is an action/adventure drama set in Chicago, as an organized crimes investigation team and their amnesiac consultant confront their pasts, their futures, and a vast conspiracy.

Cast and CrewEdit

Directed byEdit

Anna Rodriguez (Episode 1 - Present)

Written byEdit

Jack Calk (Episode 1 - Present)

Regular CastEdit

Susan Bridges as Jayne
Lyn Cullen as Dr. Liza Finch
Chris Hackney as Detective Rafael Velazquez
Kristen Bays as Detective Lakisha Morris
Pete Milan as Sergeant Nathan Clarke
Jason R. Wallace as Ganymede
James Rossi as Keith Finch
Rick Wolff as Senator Richard Montague
Kathryn Pryde as Jesse Cesare
Mindy Rast-Keenan as Elanor Bulow
Maxwell Condell as Michael Morris
Jeffrey Condell as Adam Morris
Dave Morgan as Micawber
Corson Bremer as Christian Holdridge
Colin Kelly as George Pickett
Vincent Morrison as James Longstreet
Xander Mobus as Winfield Hancock
Paul Brueggemann as Kevin "Jet" Jefferson
Kim Gianopoulos as Dr. Samantha Hurst
Hannah Jang-Condellas Stephanie Nicholls
Tom Stitzer as Hayes
Perry Whittle as Jerry
David Ault as The Audiobook




Tabula Rasa