Episode 46 - "Guardians of All Forms"
SEMINAR 46 cover
Artwork by Frank Harbuck III
Air Date August 17, 2012
Written by

San Diego by Susan Bridges

Guardian of The Ram by Landon Beall

Wrapper by

Bernadette M. Groves

Directed by Colin Kelly
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Preview TextEdit

All is not what it seems as secrets are revealed!



San DiegoEdit


Guardian of The RamEdit



In The Wrapper:

Randy Bowser as Klaus Von Schmenderfield

Bernadette Groves as Dr. Smith

Peter Katt as Dr. Eli Jones

Caith Donovan as Mark 1

Chris Canary as Caesar

Fiona Thraille as Johnny

Patrick Lewis as Guard One

Dave Morgan as Guard Two

In San Diego:

Hannah Jang-Condell as Vivian

Deborah Adams as Sharon

Lyn Cullen as Vivian’s Mom

In Guardian of the Ram:

Joel Nisbet as the Old Man

Jason R. Wallace as The Knight

Joe Hempel as King Nuc

Bruce Busby as the Generic Knight

Richard Casto, Simon Peter Curran, Tim Lasseter, Drew Pyle, and Matt Weller as Various Knights