Episode 44 - "Mazes of the Mind"
SEMINAR 44 cover
Artwork by Frank Harbuck III
Air Date March 23, 2012
Written by

Vocabulary Test by Mike Murphy

In The Sun by Anna Rodriguez

Wrapper by

Bernadette M. Groves

Directed by Colin Kelly
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Preview TextEdit

The survival of the human race hangs in the balance of a "Vocabulary Test" and Alex finds direction "In the Sun".



Vocabulary TestEdit


In The SunEdit



In The Wrapper:

Kristen Bays as The Instructor

M Sieiro Garcia as Justine

Perry Whittle as Student 33

H Keith Lyons as Klaus von Schmenderfield

In Vocabulary Test:

Logan Nance as the Announcer

Deborah Adams as Theresa Williams

Matt Weller as Harry Walters

Jason Wallace as Professor Butler

DT Kelly as Egrethor

and Lyn Cullen as Professor Lansing

In In the Sun:

Chris Hackney as Alex