Episode 42 - "Give and Take"
SEMINAR 42 cover
Artwork by Frank Harbuck III
Air Date November 25, 2011
Written by

Lucky You by Mackenzie Bishop

You Game Me Nothing by Chris Purnell

Wrapper by

Bernadette M. Groves

Directed by Bruce Busby
Assistant Director

Colin Kelly

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Preview TextEdit

Humans and otherworldly forces clash as desire exacts its price!



Lucky YouEdit


You Gave Me NothingEdit



In The Wrapper:

Kristen Bays as The Instructor

Perry Whittle as Student 33

M Sieiro Garcia as Justine

In Lucky Your:

Jonathan Cooke as Bryan

Patrick Lewis as Jerry

Jim Patton as the boss

Jack Calk as the demon

Geary McAllister as the old man

MJ Cogburn as woman 1

Lyn Cullen as woman 2

Bryan Reid as the bartender

Colin Kelly as the frat boy

In You Gave Me Nothing:

Anna Rodriguez as Laura

Lyn Cullen as the genie

Colin Kelly, Bryan Reid, MJ Cogburn, Lyn Cullen, Kim Gianopoulos and Jack Calk as the tormented souls