Episode 39 - "Desire"
SEMINAR 39 cover
Artwork by Frank Harbuck III
Air Date May 20, 2011
Written by

Getting What You Want by Colin Kelly

Blocks by Mike Murphy

Wrapper by

Bernadette M. Groves

Directed by Michael Bergonzi
Assistant Director

Bruce Busby

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Preview TextEdit

A starlet and an ancient curse attack while the students explore individuality!



Getting What You WantEdit





In The Wrapper:

Kristen Bays as The Instructor

M Sieiro Garcia as Student 29

Anna Rodriguez as Student 45

Perry Whittle as Student 33

In Getting What you Want:

Anna Rodriguez as Carmen

Jack Calk as David

Len Mihalovich as the Director

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodward as Kate

Kim Gianopoulos as Jenny

Swen Halver as Tom

Richard Casto as the Bar Tender

Jack Calk as the Dancer

Jack Calk as the Club Official

In Blocks:

Lyn Cullen as Mcgrady

Richard Casto as the Ghost Child

H Keith Lyons as Pete

Deborah Adams as Lisa

Carys Thraille as Patrick

Lyn Cullen as the Fire Chief

Brian Finnegan as the Fireman

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodward as Monica

H Keith Lyons as Saunders

Boston Blake as Bobby

Jorge Orellana as Timmy