Episode 37 - "The More Things Change"
SEMINAR 37 cover
Artwork by Paul Brueggemann
Air Date January 21, 2011
Written by

Bed 667 by Kateryna Fury

Memories In the Dark by Anna Rodriguez

Wrapper by

Marcus Beattie

Directed by Michael Bergonzi
Assistant Director

Bruce Busby

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Preview TextEdit

Join us as loss and memory are wrestled with and put to bed.



Bed 667Edit


Memories in the DarkEdit


In The Wrapper: Kristen Bays as The Instructor

In Bed 667:

Lyn Cullen as Nurse Ratchet

Deborah Adams as Marie Durning

Richard Casto as Bed 667

Keith Lyons as Bed 189

Bernadette M. Groves as Bed 1008

Jack Calk as orderly 1

Brian Finnegan as orderly 2

Bear Schacht as orderly 3

In Memories In the Dark:

Tanja Milojevic as Amy

Bernadette M. Grove as Jamie

Jorge Orellana as Jake

Kateryna Fury as Mary

Richard Casto as Robert