Original art by Maija Urrelo for Pendant Productions

Episode Thirty-six - "Outside of the Box"

Join a scientist and doctor as they have first contact and final battles!

Featuring "The Scientific Method" and "Time's Quartet, part 4 - End Game".

Featuring the voice talents of:

Peter Katt as the Instructor Seth Adam Sher as student three Kristen Bays as student nine M Sieiro Garcia as student twenty-nine Perry Whittle as student thirty-three and Bruce Busby as the master control program

In The Scientific Method:

Amanda Fitzwater as Doctor Mary Lowton Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Lynn Denis LaChapelle as Will James Jared Page as Landon Hastings Tiffany Braford as Reptilian 1 Jack Calk as Reptilian 2 and Mark Allen Jr. as Randle

Written by Susan Fairhurst

In Time's Quartet Pt 4 - Endgame:

Paul Lavelle as Mort Melissa Hearne as McBride Mackenzie Bishop as MacDuff Lyn Cullen as Baum Bear Schacht as Cheif Bernadette M Groves as Frasier Kim Gianopoulos as Maria Colin Snow as Ramone and Trent Clifton as War

Written by Brian Martinez Oldham

Written d by Marrcus Beattie Directed by Marrcus Beattie and Michael Bergonzi Edited by Chris Brittain and Jeffrey Bridges Seminar theme composed by David Alexander McDonald Cover art by Maija Urrelo Produced by Pendant Productions Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Jeffrey Bridges