Original art by Joe Ward for Pendant Productions

Episode Thirty-five - "Obsessions"

Love and lust collide as gods play games and humans fight!

Featuring "Coffeshop of Love" and "Henpecked".

Featuring the voice talents of:

Peter Katt as the Instructor Seth Adam Sher as student three M Sieiro Garcia as student twenty-nine Perry Whittle as student thirty-three

In Coffeshop of Love:

Lyn Cullen as Melanie Jared Griego as Curt Bernadette M. Groves as Venus and Richard Casto as Cupid

Written by Colin Kelly

In Henpecked:

Marrcus Beattie as Brian Marliegh Norton as Mom Andrea Fontenot as Katy Bernadette M. Groves as Margaret Jared Griego as the random driver Elizabeth Beattie as the little girl and Lyn Cullen as the hotel room girl

Written by Kim Gianopoulos

Written and directed by Marrcus Beattie Assistant Director Michael Bergonzi Edited by Chris Brittain and Jeffrey Bridges Seminar theme composed by David Alexander McDonald Cover art by Joe Ward Produced by Pendant Productions Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Jeffrey Bridges