Episode 33 - "Substance"
SEMINAR 33 cover
Artwork by Maija Urrelo
Air Date March 26, 2010
Written by

Hugh Dunnit by Brendan Peterson and Perry Whittle

Wrapper by

Marrcus Beattie

Directed by Marrcus Beattie
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Preview TextEdit

Lives are rocked in a moment as strangers collide in a subway and skyscraper!

Featuring "Hugh Dunnit".



Hugh DunnitEdit



Peter Katt as the Instructor

Seth Adam Sher as student three

Kristen Bays as student nine

Perry Whittle as student thirty-three

M Sieiro Garcia as student twenty-nine

In Hugh Dunnit

Amanda Fitzwater as Mary

Chris Gumprich as Brandon

Jack Calk as Curt

Brian Finnegan as Lofton

Ara Pelodi as Liz

Bernadette Groves as Amy

M Sieiro Garcia as Barbara

Chip Joel as Hugh