Red Sands Investigations
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Part of Pendant's Original Shows
Created by Fiona Thraille
Written by Fiona Thraille
Directed by Fiona Thraille
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Jeffrey Bridges
Original run October 12, 2009 – December 7, 2009
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Red Sands Investigations was a four-part original mystery feature.

The show follows the adventures of Carla, the sole benefactor of her uncle's will, as she investigates the mysterious incidents surrounding his death.

Cast and CrewEdit

Written byEdit

Fiona Thraille

Directed byEdit

Fiona Thraille

Cast and CrewEdit

Audo Elan as Sally Treskillin
Tiffany Braford as Tiffany Bishop
Alexa Chipman as Mrs. Philpotts
MJ Cogburn as Dorata
Steven Jay Cohen as Little Kenny Halliday
Stevie K. Farnaby as Dale Diamond
Ashwath Ganesan as Georgie Lloyd
Scott D. Harris as Dicer
Shane Harris as Jim Marley
Melissa Hearne as Daisy Linton
Michael Hudson as Nick Flint
Pete Milan as Victor Treskillin
Marleigh Norton as Carla Marley
Philip Weber as Griff Roberts
Perry Whittle as Spudsy


Daniel Chon


Red Sands Investigations