Red Sands Investigations
Episode 3 - "The Bells Under the Waves"
RSI 03 cover
Artwork by Daniel Chon
Air Date December 7, 2009
Written by

Fiona Thraille

Directed by Fiona Thraille
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Nick's secret is exposed, Tiffany stumbles into danger and Carla discovers the sinister truth behind a local legend!


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Marleigh Norton as Carla Marley

Tiffany Braford as Tiffany Bishop

Michael Hudson as Nick Flint

Melissa Hearne as Daisy Linton

Philip Weber as Griff Roberts

Steven Jay Cohen as Little Kenny Halliday

Shane Harris as Jim Marley

Scott D. Harris as Dicer

Perry Whittle as Spudsy

Audio Élan as Sally Treskillin

Xander Mobus as Officer Cole