Pendant Backstage
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Part of Pendant's Original Shows
Original run October 19, 2008 – May 27, 2012
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Pendant Backstage was a monthly review of Pendant's shows. Pendant Backstage (or PBS as it's commonly called) is unique in the respect that it was recorded live and allowed listeners to call in and voice their opinions on the topics being discussed.

Q&A elements of Pendant Backstage have since become regular parts of TWIP's interview segments, therefore eliminating the show from Pendant's lineup.


Jack Calk

Colin Kelly

How to Call In

Previously, sessions of PBS were recorded live using Gizmo (Now Google Talk). Later those calls were recorded using the live radio caller service, TalkShoe.

Prior to cancellation, calls were made through Skype. Callers could add the Skype username "PendantBackstage" to their address book, and the hosts would add them to the call as requested.