Categories are used to keep all the wiki's pages indexed for the benefit of editors, users, and the wiki software itself.

How to Use CategoriesEdit

When you create or edit a page, there is a box either on the upper right corner or center left column of the editing box that says "Categories." Entering your categories in to this box is a simple way of doing things; however, if you prefer doing things in source code, enter the following syntax for categories at the bottom of the wiki page:

Which categories you use depend mostly on the article at hand. They also help determine what wiki pages show up under the "Read More" section at the bottom of the page.

For instance, if you were editing the article for Dixie Stenberg, your categories would be "Characters" and "Dixie". This way, the Character article is categorized with all the other character articles on the wiki, and is also categorized with all the other characters, locations, and non-episode-or-show-page-related entries pertaining to The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater.

All show pages should be categorized under "Original Shows".

Episode pages should ONLY be categorized under the "Episode" category. This way, all episodes will be listed in progression in one category and will not bog-up other categories.

If you need to create another category this is fine. However if your page will be the only one to use this category, chances are there's a better one that's already available for your article to use. Remember, new categories should be short and sweet. Category names like "Pendant Characters Appearing in Alternate Timelines" is too long and unnecessary.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask an administrator.