The most commonly heard saying from new or inexperienced wiki editors is that they can't understand wiki markup. To some, it looks like a foreign language. To others, it looks like complex mathmatics. Rest assured, you will know and understand the absolute basics of wiki markup all in about five minutes.

I always like to point folks to the Intro to Editing, as it will be the most valuable to learning how to edit. However, the information contained bellow should be helpful to editors looking to get their feet wet as soon as possible.

Getting StartedEdit

"Understanding" the basics is just as important as "knowing" them. Let's start with the most basic of wiki mark up: headers. Heading a section is easy; simply type two "="s to start an articles section, then close that section's title with two more "="s. Like this:

=="Title Heading Here==

You can also use three "="s to make a sub-section to the previous headed section. Likewise, this can be done as many times as necessary. Just add another "=" for each sub section you want to add to an article.

Text HighlightingEdit

Text markups are the easiest of all markup types. Want italics? Want to make a bold statement? Want bold italics by chance?

For italic text, type two " ' "s before and after your text.

''This text is in italics!''

In a similar fashion, type three " ' "s before and after your text to produce bold text. Like so:

'''This text is bold!'''

And finally, bold italics are accomplished with five " ' "s before and after your text. Like so:

'''''This text is bold, and italic! Groovy right?''''''

Adding Pages to CategoriesEdit

Categories are essential to keeping pages in their proper places. When editing a page, you will see a box on the right that says "Categories." For new comers, I suggest leaving this box alone until you have the time to learn more about it. For now, every time you finish an article scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a bar that says "Add category." Click this button and then enter one of the pre-existing categories for your page. Here is a quick breakdown of categories for your pages:

: Episode Articles: Category name: Episodes
: Character Articles: Category name: Characters
: For other pages that are not listed here, please leave you page uncategorized or contact an Administrator for help.

More InformationEdit

If you have any questions about any of the topics covered here, please contact one of the Administrators.