Art by Kristen Bays.

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Dixie Stenberg began her career as an experimental aircraft test pilot for AeroQuest Dynamics.

Her exceptional skill in the cockpit, coupled with her general fearlessness and unrestrained moxie, led to her posting as the leader of the First Brassy Battalion Fighter Squadron (1st BBFS) during World War II.

The squadron, formed by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was later re-formed after the conclusion of the war to combat the remaining forces of SCAR. Then, as before, Dixie led the Battalion in (and out of) the air.

Dixie's plane of choice was a P47 Thunderbolt, modified with a brassy coating that allowed for Geo-Slip capabilities. Her plane was later modified to include an ebony plating that shared the same extra-terrestrial origin as the brassy coating. These combined to give her plane a darker hue than the rest of her fellow pilots, leading Dixie to name the plane "The Amber Avenger".

Dixie is tough, brash, not afraid of a fight and no fan of "softies". She has no use for frills or frocks, but would be the first to tell you that doesn't mean others can't enjoy them. A strong believer in the individual and being true to yourself over all else, she never felt her opinions should be forced on anyone else. Conversely, she did not want anyone else's opinions foisted onto her, and would not be afraid of letting you know exactly where you could stick them if you tried.

Dixie loved coffee and planes, flying and engines, her long-lost motorcycle, punching Billingsley in the face, and the two most important people in her life, her (eventual) husband Thomas Galen and their son, Oscar William Stenberg.

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