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A Midsummer Night's Dream - Act III
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Air Date January 21, 2008
Written by

William Shakespeare

Directed by David Alexander McDonald
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Quince and his band of six laborers ("rude mechanicals", as they are described by Puck) have arranged to perform their play about Pyramus and Thisbe for Theseus' wedding and venture into the forest, near Titania's bower, for their rehearsal. Bottom is spotted by Puck, who (taking his name to be another word for a jackass) transforms his head into that of a donkey. When Bottom returns for his next lines, the other workmen run screaming in terror, much to Bottom's confusion, since he hasn't felt a thing during the transformation. Determined to wait for his friends, he begins to sing to himself. Titania is awakened by Bottom's singing and immediately falls in love with him. She lavishes him with attention, and presumably makes love to him. While she is in this state of devotion, Oberon takes the changeling. Having achieved his goals, Oberon releases Titania, orders Puck to remove the donkey's head from Bottom, and arrange everything so that Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, and Helena will believe that they have been dreaming when they awaken. Demetrius is left under the spell and in love with Helena.[1]


David Ault as Lysander

Ara Pelodi as Hermia

Kathryn Pryde as Helena

Daniel Munson as Demetrius

David Alexander McDonald as Bottom

Melissa Trible as Puck

Tim Kelby as Oberon

Theresa J. McGarry as Titania

Chris Pyle as Quince

Paula Cartwright as Peaseblossom

Quint as Starveling

Lee Sands as Snout

Jerry Crawford as Flute

  1. Edited excerpt, courtesy of Wikipedia.